Sunday, 2 October 2011

So much to do...

There is never, ever enough time for everything, is there Moira?  
I've been cleaning up, clearing out, shredding old paperwork and the bins are full to the max.  And does the house look any different?  Not a bit Moira.
My home never looks like the pictures in the magazines Moira, let alone the advertising. Semi-controlled chaos Moira. That's me!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tell us about yourself Moira

Stop lurking about out there Moira and tell us a little about yourself.  
Just how do you clean stubborn spots off the floor? 
Personally I like to attack them with Nifty and hot water Moira. But enough of me!

It's been a lovely day Moira!

Happy Birthday Moira's of the world.  This is your day. It's stipulated in the Moira Standard (Standard 77731) for those of you of a technical bent. It says: "1 October is the official birthday of all Moira's and is decreed to be a day of celebration."
So get out there and celebrate Moira! This is YOUR day!